Designers and Developers, Listen Up

How many times have you gotten to 90% on a project then spent days, weeks or even months waiting on the last 10% from your client? And how many times has that last 10% that you've been waiting on been content

Here's the Problem:
You're not a copywriter and neither is your client. 

Professional copywriting is critical for sites, applications, and marketing pieces to work. But don't just bring in a content professional at the last minute, when you're dying to wrap up your project because chances are that if you bring in a good writer at the end of a project, they are going to look at what you've done and ask some critical questions such as:

  • Who is this audience for this piece?
  • Does the site/application/piece speak to that audience?
  • What is the organization's voice?
  • How does the design represent and compliment their voice?
  • Is the design laid out in such a way that the content will make sense within its structure? 

And most importantly . . . 

  • What is your budget for quality content? 

The best thing to do to avoid project delays or going over budget, is to bring a professional writer in at the beginning of your project and write their fees into your proposal. Your client will be relieved to hear that they aren't responsible for writing and editing all the content (although they will be responsible for meeting with the copywriter to brain dump information), and you'll be relieved to know your project is more likely to be completed on time so you can invoice


Designers, Developers, do the right thing - bring in a copywriter now, have fewer regrets later. Contact us today to find out how we can help make your projects a breeze, save you time, money and leave your clients smiling.