Back to School for Your Business

If you're like me, this time of year is a little nostalgic. Empty composition notebooks, pencils ready to be sharpened, fresh highlighters, and carefully organized binders all purchased with the intent to set you out on the right foot and learn something new. If pining for back-to-school supplies makes me a nerd, then so be it.

But that desire to learn something new or start out on the right foot doesn't have to go away when your days at school are done. Every fall is an opportunity to expand your skills, sharpen that pencil and get to work. 

Perhaps your business is where you'd like to apply yourself this fall. Maybe you're ready to present yourself and your business to a wider market, or nail down a social media strategy. Maybe you just want to start blogging every month or have a great idea for a customer-engaging newsletter. It could be that you're overwhelmed with one of these tasks and are ready to train someone else in your organization to take this over, passing the torch and enhancing the skill set of your workforce. 

Whatever the case may be, now is the time to take the spirit of back-to-school and apply it to your business or organization.

Nonprofits, consider sending your staff to one of the amazing and extremely affordable classes at the Academy for Nonprofit Excellence at the Center for Workforce Solutions in north Suffolk. From board engagement to team building, these classes will build skills and relationships. 

Business Owners and Individuals, get out of your comfort zone and check out the Good Vibes Workshops hosted by Campfire & Co. including next week's Apothecary 101 course. These classes will be held at their brand new office and co-working space on Main Street in Richmond. It's a great way to expand your creativity and meet other creative people in the process. 

Businesses and Organizations talk to me about workshops in Blogging for Small Business and Social Marketing for Small Business that I can provide in your own space with your own staff. These one to two day workshops will get you and your team up to speed on how to brainstorm, organize, create and distribute engaging content that will help grow your business. 

Veteran-Owned Business Startups, connect with the Veteran Business Outreach Center (VBOC) at Old Dominion University which provides free training, counseling and mentorship for veterans looking to start their own business. Get advice from business professionals and grow your network.

There are so many opportunities this fall to take your business back to school and engage in the learning process while growing your business. Too often we get caught up in the day to day tasks that just keep us marching in place. Commit to growth this year in whatever way that means for you and your business. Sharpen that pencil and get to work, my friends.