Writing a Better Newsletter

E-newsletters are an easy way to maintain contact with your customers or supporters. They can provide news, specials, events, contact information, and special coupons and deals for newsletter subscribers only. 

But with people's email inboxes stuffed with junk they don't want to read, how do you make your newsletter stand out as something they do want to read?

Here are just a few tips on how to make your newsletter stand out: 

  1. Use a professional newsletter platform such as Mailchimp (which is free) or Constant Contact (which  is a paid service, but does have discounts for nonprofits). These platforms will ensure that your newsletter looks professional and trustworthy, making your customers more likely to read it and follow any links you include. 
  2. Keep it brief. Newsletters see the best results when each "story" or "article" is just a paragraph or two and the entire newsletter is kept to three or fewer stories. If you need more space to tell a story or give details about an event, include a "read more" link that directs readers to your website, Facebook page or event. 
  3. Don't flood people's inboxes. Depending on what you're using your newsletter service for, you may be sending out letters every other month, every month or maybe even once a week. Try to keep it to once a week or less. Any more than that can feel like spam and your customers will get weary of having to delete your "news" every single day. 
  4. Include pictures and links. Try to include a link, logo or picture for each story or article to keep the newsletter visually interesting. Pictures can also be hyperlinks to more information or to an event or organization's website. 
  5. Keep your subject line fresh. An exciting or relevant subject line can catch someone's attention as they sort through the dozens of emails in their inbox each day. Although many spam filters will block subject lines with CAPS and exclamation points!! you can still catch a reader's attention with a quality subject line. For instance "Don't Miss This Private Event for Email Members Only" is a lot more catching than "An Event Update From Our Organization." 

As great as newsletters can be for your business, they can sometimes be time consuming to put together. The Content Chop Shop provides email marketing and newsletter writing services at rates you can afford. We will help you put together an editorial calendar so that each month or week you know what topic the letter will focus on, then we will work to put stories together, format them on your chosen platform, craft hard-working subject lines and help get your voice heard. Contact ustoday for more information.