Why Your Business Needs A Tagline

Just do it. Are you in good hands? Maybe it’s Maybelline.

Chances are you’ve heard or read those words more times than you could count. What do all of these iconic phrases have in common? They’re taglines, and they’re arguably more recognizable than the company names that made them famous. A great name and logo are important but when it comes to rounding out your company’s branding, a good tagline is essential. It’s the perfect way to take pages of brand guidelines and marketing strategy and boil it down to your company’s core mission and consumer value. Your tagline can be also be a useful tool internally. A good one should be a mantra that company stakeholders can always refer back to as a sort of gut check or a “Why are we all here again?”

Taglines are advertising in its purest form in that they sell the brand. It’s the hook that makes a customer pause and give a brand or product their attention. Aside from the fact that it can inform the public of what it actually is that your business does, your tagline is where your brand can claim a personality, and a tone. This is especially important for newer or smaller businesses who need to introduce themselves to the public as well as rely more on print marketing and local broadcast for advertising. Continuity and repetition are extremely important in a new brand’s marketing and one of the easiest ways to maintain that is by capping each marketing material with your brand marks and tagline.

So, how do you go about crafting the perfect line? It should always come back to the company’s core mission and brand voice. If you’re confident that you’ve already crafted an authentic brand voice, go ahead and get as creative with it as you like. It should have a good cadence and remember that less is generally more. You want to keep it short and crisp while still giving your audience some useful information and insight to your brand. If you don’t happen to be a wordsmith or are unsure of what your company’s tone of voice should be, hiring a marketing professional like The Content Chop Shop is the smartest route to take. Marketers know this process forward and backward, and will listen and collaborate with you in all of your wants and needs for your company’s personality and voice. In return, you’ll get a shiny new tagline where your business’s name can hang its hat.