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Behind the Press: Jesse Scaccia

To help give us some insight into how members of the press decide which stories to pick up and topics to highlight, we are excited to have Jesse Scaccia, editor at, as our special guest speaker. But before we get his professional opinions, we wanted to learn a little bit more about the man behind AltDaily, NEON and so much more. 

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Collaboration Versus Competition

As an entrepreneur in the competitive world of businesses marketing services, I often feel at a disadvantage.

I’m not a competitive person. I was never into sports as a kid, although I was active and spent most of my time climbing trees and swimming. When I was forced to play a sport for my physical education credit in high school, I chose tennis - arguably the most noncontact, least team-oriented sport possible.

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Get Nitty Gritty

There are only two Fireside Sessions left and I highly encourage you to sign up for one of these sessions as soon as possible. There are very limited seats available and as the first two have sold out, we anticipate the next two will as well, likely within the next two weeks. Next up is 03: The Nitty Gritty of Writing for the Web.

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How to Create a Recognizable Brand Voice

That's a pretty good reason to carefully consider your brand. Because unless you're Wal-Mart or Amazon or can somehow guarantee the lowest price, you're going to need to give people a reason to choose you over everyone else.

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What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the thing you don't notice if it's being done well and the thing that can hold up an entire project, campaign or even a new company if it's not done well. Content marketing is how every piece of collateral, whether it's your website, fliers, business cards, social media posts, emails or blog speaks to your audience (read: customers). 

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Writing for the Web 101

Writing for the web is different than writing in any other format. People read, perceive and retain information differently on the web than they do on paper, billboards, signage and other physical places. In addition, people read different kinds of web content differently. 

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